This is how we close the supply gap in care facilities

Dr. Medi­men­tum
The auto­ma­ti­on of care offers an approach to com­ple­ment the pre­ca­rious staff den­si­ty in nursing […]

Melli — more than a voice assistant

Dr. Medi­men­tum
Mel­li, the voice-con­­trol­­led tablet, was deve­lo­ped with seni­ors for seni­ors. Hard­ware and func­tions have been […]

MyAirShield — protection against viruses, bacteria and germs

Dr. Medi­men­tum
Acti­ve clea­ning of the air with MyA­ir­Shield MyA­ir­Shield is worn around the neck and increases […]

The Living Will

Dr. Medi­men­tum
The living will is inten­ded for the event that you can no lon­ger make a […]

Preparation for the practice with

8He­alth-Manage­ment UG
How do I start as a doc­tor in the prac­ti­ce? Learn the most important basics […]